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Weird Issues

I joined the server a couple weeks ago, been having fun, but noticing a bunch of weird issues.

1. MOB spawning is really weird. I will feed livestock and get no offspring. I will explore dark caves and find no enemies. I will stand next to a spawner and nothing will spawn.

2. The recipes feature is all messed up. The available crafts it displays are incorrect and the items it places in the craft area are completely wrong. For instance, I have no iron in my inventory, but it shows iron boots as an available craft. When I click on the icon, it places 5 arrows in the craft area.

3. Lag and render issues. I've logged in to find that some of the chests in my base are invisible. I can click on them, but the don't render. Sometimes I get lag where I will break a block and it will take several seconds for the block to actually break. Seems to take longer based on the difficulty of the block. When I mine obsidian, I can actually go through 3 animations of the block reaching breaking point before it actually pops out of place and can be picked up.

I don't think any of this is an issue with my build because I can log on to other servers and not have this problem. Sadly I think I'm going to join another server because this MOB issue just invalidates almost every build idea I have.

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