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Racism Ban Appeal
Hi, my ign is XDDXDDXDDXDD and I would like to appeal for saying a racial slur.
I know it was against the rules and I was being immature and stupid.
If I get unbanned I promise to never evade the chat filter and I will keep my messages PG and not inappropriate.  
I said Nig gers to evade the chat filter and got perm banned. My friends play on the server and got very upset because I got banned. 
Unfortunately i am banned and cannot play with them because of my bad decision and I regret it now and in hindsight I was just really stupid. 
Thank you for reading my application and considering my appeal. 

hi sorry to be annoying I just wanna bump this
We do not tolerate racial slurs of any kind, no exceptions. Denied.
"Cool as ice, twice as nice" 

-Matumbo Shanks, 1st President of the United States

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