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DancingDaniels..? corrupt admin and ban for no reason
I'm not sure of his name but, dancing daniels was in his username, i was talking with his " wife " saying a pair of boots she was selling was bad and he said 
"fight me" and "i'll beatchu", after this he warned me for saying dayum..  .Obviously i protested because getting a warning for a word that isn't even a swear is ridicolous. i proceeded to spell it out d a y u m but so they would understand what i was trying to say rather than them thinking it was a filtered word but halfway through i was banned for 24 hours because of "soapboxing" and "filter evasion" 1: there was NO filter evasion just a word that is used instead of the swear, 2: what even is soapboxing i looked it up and i get nothing that tells me... i would like to complain about this individual for being corrupt and holding a personal vendetta against me because i said her wife's boots were bad... oh and btw it was doingitwrong who banned me but "dancing daniels who" warned me. Thank you for your time and i look forward to a reply.    Sincerely   The_Deep_Blue
Very very very late, however what you said, "dayum" is obviously the curse word "damn" which IS filter evasion. Also "Soapboxing" means the "The act of lecturing, spouting, ranting about a particular subject to attempt to make a point or a stand." So your warn and ban was completely justified.

Soucre: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Category:...wear_words (I know it's Wikipedia, however everyone knows that everything in the list there are curses)

Don't judge my sources, I was too lazy to find actual ones. I also already knew all the information I posted beforehand.

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