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Forum Rules
Welcome to the FamilyMC forums!

Before you may start posting and interacting with various threads here on our forums there are some ground rules you should endeavor to be familiar with and adhere to at all times. Breaking these rules may result in your forum account being temporarily (or even permanently) banned depending on the severity of the infraction.


1. Keep your posts appropriate and family friendly.

2. Do not argue with or otherwise act in a disrespectful fashion towards anyone. Drama mongering is also not permitted. 

3. Threads and their contents must be relevant to the subforum they are being posted in. For example, you would not use the Gallery subforum to advertise your in game shop, you would do that on the Marketplace subforum instead. 

4. All posts are to be written in English.

5. You may not advertise, mention, or discuss other Minecraft servers on our forums (save for answering the relevant questions on a staff application).

6. Spam is not tolerated. The act of "necroposting" is not considered spam on our forums so long as the contents of your post are relevant to the original thread.

7. Do not post offensive content. Linking to videos, images, or otherwise sharing content designed to cause mental or emotional distress to another user upon viewing it will result in a global FamilyMC ban. Global meaning you will be banned from our forums, our Discord, and in game.

8. You may only have one forum account.

That's all! Happy posting, everyone. 

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