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FamilyMC Economy Update pt. 1
Over the months, there's been much feedback about our job system and Economy as a whole. In the Economy Update, we're planning on tuning how money and rare items are earned to better balance the system and to give new opportunities to underperforming jobs.

PART 1: Jobs

Jobs as a whole have been rebalanced to make underperforming jobs viable and to shift the meta.

- An hourly money cap has been introduced to offset the buffs, and to decrease the rate of inflation. The current cap is 2500 + 400*(Total jobs level/25). This is a global cap, and factors in the levels of all jobs you are currently employed in.

- Enchanter and Brewer have been reworked and combined into the new "Sorcerer" job. Enchanter and Brewer were both extremely niche, and to offset that we've rolled both jobs into one so players will have more potential sources of gaining money.

- Unpopular jobs will have a bonus applied to each paycheck. To better split the community equally amongst jobs, we've introduced a bonus system to unpopular jobs. This will reward players for picking jobs that are underused, and gives players an incentive to seek out jobs that're more niche like Weaponsmith and Sorcerer.

PART 2: Enchantments

Pre-update, Enchantments had a lot of unnecessary time waster mechanics like success chance/destroy chance and book tiers. These have been taken out of the Enchanter's loot pool to simplify the system.

-Categories have been removed, most books are now under the new "Normal" enchantment book. To simplify the Enchantment system, now (almost) all enchantments are acquired through the Normal enchantment book. Normal enchantment books can be bought in bulk up to a 20% discount.

-Enchantments will now drop at 100% success chance, and 0% destroy chance. Removing the success/break mechanic reduces the grind to create a successful enchant book, and removes the frustration of accidentally destroying the item.

-Chance dust, black scrolls, and white scrolls have been removed from the Enchanter's store. With the success/destruction mechanic gone, these items lack a purpose and have been removed from the enchanter's store. There will be a way in the future to earn dust to perfect your legacy enchantment books, as well.

-The Enchanter has opened a monthly store. Every month, the enchanter will now sell five curated enchantments so players can fill out their collection without having to open many enchantment books.

-Some enchantments have been designated as Pinnacle enchantments. Pinnacle enchantments are enchantments that now are earned outside of the regular enchantment books. At the current moment, Pinnacles can be obtained from the Monthly store, and through /voteshop. More ways of earning pinnacles might become available in the future.


- "Junk" items from Normal+ crates have been removed

- Netherite has been added to high tier crates.

- Money rewards in Normal+ crates have been increased

- Vote Eggs now have new drops.

And with these changes, this concludes the first part of the Economy Update. We await player feedback and will be adjusting changes accordingly. Stay tuned for the Economy Update pt. 2 and other future updates Smile

- The FamilyMC Staff Team

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