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x_kiryu_chan_x's Ban Appeal
In game username: x_kiryu_chan_X
Staff member who administered the ban: Giomunni
Reason given for the ban: Trolling the discord
Duration of the ban: IP Ban (on discord)

Q: What happened that resulted in your ban, what did you do?
A: I was trolling the discord, and some of the things I said weren't all that great.

Q: Were other players involved in the situation that led up to your ban? If so, what are their usernames and how were they involved?
A: There was one other person but I can't remember their name.

Q: Were you given any warnings prior to your ban?
A: 1 warning.

Q: If you were warned, did you try to argue with the staff member in question?
A: I think I did.

Q: Do you have any past infractions or punishments on our server?
A: I have 3 mutes and 1 warning.

Q: Why do you feel your ban should be appealed and/or the severity lessened?
A: The ban was given July 2019, and I have changed my ways since then.

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