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detective super application
1. What is your current Minecraft username?


2. How old are you?


3. What is your timezone?


4. How active are you in game currently? How many hours a week on average?

I am currently around 15 hours per week but during vacation like summer break or winter break I am around 30 hours per week

5. What is your current rank and total playtime on our server?

I am an elf on the 1.16 server I have 6 days of playtime and on the 1.15 server I have around also 6 days of playtime and on the 1.15 /cplaytime system I have around 10 days of playtime and I started playing at around July 2019

6. Have you ever been banned from our server? If so, why, and how has your behavior changed since then?

I have been banned several times and my behaver has majorly changed, the first time I got banned was for stilling, which was one I took a lot of crops form /pwarp farm in 1.14 and did not replant, I also later apologized. the second time I got banned was on November 13, 2019, which I honestly don't remember, I don't remember what I did to get banned and I only noticed I even got banned then a few months ago. the last time I got banned was around 6 months ago for cursing, I was really made, 3 out of 4 of my notch armor pieces broke and I was super mad about it, I later apologized to everyone that was involved and Hailey unbanned me. in all those times I felt really bad about what I did and I regret all of them, I always apologize if I do something wrong both in real life and in the server, and I am always very polite 

7. Why do you want to join the FamilyMC staff team?

I want to join the FMC staff team because right now there are not many staff members and a lot of the times I see people that have to wait a few hours before staff can come online and help them. that is why I want o to join the staff team to be able to help out other players on the server and contribute as much good as possible to the server.

8. Do you have any prior staff experience? If so, please describe what your rank was and what duties you fulfilled.

I had multiple staff experiences before, the at the age of 11 I joined the ASB (associative student body) of my school, I contributed a lot when being the director of 6th-grade activities and later the director of public relations. I helped with the anti-bullying program and helped make major events in schools like dances, game nights, and more. I continued al the way to 8th grade (now) and now I am doing both ASB and yearbook which many people do not consider as staff experience but we do many things that help make staff skills. as well as that I am overall a very responsible person and a good leader.

9. Are you currently a staff member on any other Minecraft servers?


10. Do you promise not to ask any members of the staff team about the status of your application

of course, why would i want to wait another 3 months
Thank you for your interest in joining the FMC Staff Team and for submitting an application! However, it is being rejected at this time.

Please feel free to reapply at a later date.

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