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IP Ban Appeal
In game username: Ent_ro_p__y (TallOnTwo)
Staff member who administered the ban: IDK
Reason given for the ban: Fly hacking
Duration of the ban: Permanent? 

Q: What happened that resulted in your ban, what did you do?
A: It says my IP has been banned for fly hacking when I try to join.

Q: Were other players involved in the situation that led up to your ban? If so, what are their usernames and how were they involved?
A: Toe_Bean_Salad

Q: Were you given any warnings prior to your ban?
A: Auto kicks for "flying"

Q: If you were warned, did you try to argue with the staff member in question?
A: N/A

Q: Do you have any past infractions or punishments on our server?
A: Nothing official, I have annoyed staff here and there.

Q: Why do you feel your ban should be appealed and/or the severity lessened?
A: My wifi has been horrible since I moved and I was constantly getting auto kicked from the server for "flying" when I was just running around jumping or falling or using the jump boost beacon at my base. When I would tp from my base to spawn the jump boost would still be in effect making it look like I had hacks until it wore out or I got auto yeeted for "flying". I mentioned Toe_Bean_Salad above, they are a younger family member that visited recently and played on my network, the account used to be my alt account but I wasn't using it much so I gifted it to them. I gave them this server IP so we could play together and the account has elf rank and /fly on the server.
Try rejoining, the IP ban should be lifted now.

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