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Been banned on MAIN server
I wanted to hop on the server. But come to being banned!

Reasoning: Multiple violations of server rules, nonstop dramaongering and server staff disrespect.

Banned from GIO

Why I should be unbanned:

I did try to solve this problem via discord. They would not ADMIT it. I did ask them to stop many times but, they did not stop. I am sorry for such rule breakings.

I do highly understand why you had banned me. It was due to my high anger. I did try to solve this via discord, but they would not stop as such.

I quite do hope you can unban me / accept my appel. I will never do this again, will solve this problem once again.
Plenty of second chances have been given to you and your behavior did not change in the slightest. You were informed the last time you were given a punishment that the next time any FamilyMC rule was broken you would be permanently banned from our server. The drama you brought into our server did not originate in game and had no place being brought up there, never mind the blatant disrespect you showed the people who were staff members at the time, or the harassment you subjected them to yourself via Discord.

You have shown that you are unwilling to change your behavior nor are you willing to adhere to our rules on FamilyMC.

Due to your extensive punishment history your ban is not going to be repealed. It is permanent and it will stand.

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