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Exemption request on 1.16 server
I'm sorry if there are spelling mistakes because I'm not English!
In-game username: JRNinj
Employee who banned the ban: not done
Reason for the ban: Block destroited at spawn
Duration of the ban: permanent

Q: Was it about having the prohibited ban? Was it done?
A: I destroidet a block in the spawn on the Minecraft 1.16 server because I didn't read the rules and didn't see that it worked. I had heard the block again and was banned.

Q: Were other players heard of the situation that prohibited banned ban? If so, how loud are their skill names and how were they to you?
A: It was just me.

Q: Have you been warned about the rule ban?
A: No, I was not warned than I was banned directly.

Q: If you were warned, did you lose listening to the employee in question?
A: No, I was not warned that I was being banned directly.

Q: Have you been in the past or on our server?
A: no None

Q: Why will your ban be given?
A: Because I have destroited a block at the spawn
Make sure that you read the rules. They should be read before you do anything else on the server. Your ban has been lifted.

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