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FamilyMC Dev Notes: Economy Changes
FamilyMC 1.16 is going to be the next step for the server, bringing a plethora of new features and a lot of improvement to old ones. One of the main issues with prior servers is the lack of economy features, the lack of a way to earn money outside of scrolls, voting and PayDay. Today we're happy to announce a brand new feature:


Jobs have long since been requested for the server as an active way of earning money. The current jobs are: Woodcutter, Miner, Builder, Digger, Farmer, Hunter, Crafter, Fisherman, Weaponsmith, Brewer, and Enchanter. All of these jobs award the player money by completing the corresponding actions to the job. Completing tasks for your jobs award XP used to level them up. Leveling up your job grants more money per paycheck and the level cap is 100


Due to the new Jobs system, a few new rules need to be established to create a balanced economy where two jobs rule over the rest:

  • Autoclickers are now classified under exploits to stop the complete automation of jobs.

- Banning autoclickers means that jobs like Hunter cannot automatically kill mobs at a mob farm 24/7 to acquire an infinite source of money. This change also makes farmed items, such as beacons, more valuable.

  • AFK Fishing is now banned to stop the dominance of the Fisherman job.

- In the 1.16 update, Mojang released a series of nerfs to automatic fishing that make it almost completely irrelevant. The Fisherman job is our way of making fishing viable again, but allowing AFK fishing for easy money would break the server's economy. This change also makes fish, and rare fishing items like nametags, nautilus shells, saddles, and enchanting books more valuable.


One thing the previous FamilyMC servers lacked were actual money sinks. This was lightly addressed in one of the more recent changes to scrolls, giving them an ingame cash price, but we're continuing this trend in the 1.16 server. Money will have more uses to increase the value of currency. One of these uses is purchasing custom enchantments, which will enhance your tools, weapons, and armor in new ways.

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