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Banned for killing pet (Temp Banned)
Hello! I was just banned for Killing a PET! So i went to /rules and saw no rule against it!

> Banned by Gio

> Reason: Yuh yeet lawl

> Reason Why I should be unbanned:

I killed a pet - It was completely my fault/responsibility! I read the rules and I saw no rules against it! This kinda makes no sense.
Killing another person's pet is considered griefing and is thus very much against our rules. Another one of our rules also states that staff decisions are final so you violated that rule by trying to argue with me about it. You have also repeatedly brought up your Discord ban despite being told it is permanent and will not be repealed which is dramamongering.

Your ban will stand. It is not going to be lifted. You will be able to rejoin the server in a week.

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