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Cuzimagod's Staff Application

  1. 1. What is your current Minecraft username?
  1. 2. How old are you?              16
  1. 3. What is your timezone?
  1. 4. How active are you in game currently? How many hours a week on average?
                                 I used to be on for many hours a day, but once I became srmod on InvadedLands, I was on less. I just resigned from invaded, because I realized that my goal is to become staff here, because I have always wanted to be staff on a survival world. If I get accepted I can promise to be active for 1-12 hours per day like I was on invaded.

  1. 5. What is your current rank and total playtime on our server?
             My current rank is member. Again, I was less active after I went to be staff, but now I can be a lot more active. 

  1. 6. Have you ever been banned from our server? If so, why, and how has your behavior changed since then?     Yes, I did. I was temp banned in Early March for using another persons build. Back then I did not act the same as I do now. I was never staff before then, so I did not know how much work it is. 
  1. 7. Why do you want to join the FamilyMC staff team? My dream has always been to become staff on a survival server. I really want this. Please just give me a chance, and I promise you will not regret it.
  1. 8. Do you have any prior staff experience? If so, please describe what your rank was and what duties you fulfilled.
 I have been a srmod for Invaded lands. It usually gets 700-100 players. My job was to catch hackers and to promote trial mod to mod. I actually was told that I was soon to become an admin, but I did not want that so I resigned. 

  1. 9. Are you currently a staff member on any other Minecraft servers?
No, I resigned, because it was too much for me. I always wanted to become staff on a smaller Survival server, and here I am.

  1. 10. Do you promise not to ask any members of the staff team about the status of your application?
     Yes, I promise.
Thank you for submitting an application, however, it is being rejected at this time. One of the prerequisites to applying for the Helper position is having 5 days of play time on our server (at which point you would earn the Trusted rank). It's the first requirement listed on the Staff Application Format thread. Your current rank is Member, and your current active play time is 1 day 6 hours 14 minutes.

Please feel free to reapply in three months.

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