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Ban Appeal
When I first joined the server, I saw a house after a went far from spawn. it did not show that anyone owned it, there was no claim on it, and there were no signs. So I thought that it was good to b my first home. After a bit, I thought That I wanted to build my own home, other than finding a free one. I did that and I currently live there now. I did not know that it was owned and I play on this server every day. I love this server so much. It is my favorite server. I got banned for 4 days today for stealing another persons build because of this house I had when I first joined. Please forgive me. I did /abandonallclaims when I left it. I just really love this server so much.
Rule number 3 at spawn clearly states that stealing, trolling, and griefing are not permitted and that unclaimed builds are also protected by this rule. Whether or not someone is actively living in a building or whether or not it is claimed does not matter. This also wasn't the first time you had stolen someone else's home. You then tried to sell the one you previously stole as if you yourself had made it. All of that directly violates rule number 3.

Due to the fact you have multiple previous violations this particular ban will not be lifted. You will be welcome back on the server once you have served the duration of your ban and I would recommend rereading and memorizing our rules upon your return.

Thank you for reaching out to the FamilyMC team with your concerns regarding your ban and I hope I was helpful.

Have a good one, we'll see you in four days.

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