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ItsJustMe_Mini's Helper Application

  1. 1. What is your current Minecraft username? ItsJustMe_Mini
  1. 2. How old are you? 19, though I turn 20 this October.
  1. 3. What is your timezone? Eastern Standard Time (GMT-4).
  1. 4. How active are you in game currently? How many hours a week on average? I currently try to get on every day in the afternoon and stay on late at night when most players are not on. I believe I average 15-20+ hours.
  1. 5. What is your current rank and total playtime on our server? My Current rank is Elf, though I've been thinking of getting a high rank for the perks, and my total playtime is currently 10 days 19 hours.
  1. 6. Have you ever been banned from our server? If so, why, and how has your behavior changed since then? Never Been Banned
  1. 7. Why do you want to join the FamilyMC staff team? Personally I enjoy what the staff does for the player base and I enjoy helping my fellow players already. However, it sucks not being able to do more for the ones that have problems that require staff help since I can only let you all know.
  1. 8. Do you have any prior staff experience? If so, please describe what your rank was and what duties you fulfilled. I don't have staff experience online, however, I am one of the older workers at my job so I feel I can work with people well even when someone maybe had to deal with.
  1. 9. Are you currently a staff member on any other Minecraft servers? Nope 
  1. 10. Do you promise not to ask any members of the staff team about the status of your application? I promise. I know Ian likes reading them so at least he'll see it Tongue

Thank you for submitting an application! Unfortunately, we must reject it this time around.

Please feel free to reapply in three months!

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