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Banned forever by Giomunni ban evasion for no reason???
When I entered the survival server, I went inside of houses to check out their designs, and then I ended getting banned for ban evasion when I did nothing. Please help.

Unfortunately, I have reason to believe you are an alt-account for one of two users I banned earlier this evening. One of them happened to try joining our server with an alt not long after their ban. It seems to me a rather unfortunate coincidence that you immediately went to the banned users' home after you joined that you, of course, already had access to via trust.  You have a total playtime of 16 minutes, your only interactions on our server were with one of the banned players in question, I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this.

I will unban this account once the 3 day bans on tumawa and Ashryver523 have been served.

Thanks for reaching out to our staff team with your problem and I hope I was helpful!

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