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How to get "How Did We Get Here?"
Required Items
1 extended potion of Leaping
1 extended potion of Slow Falling
1 extended potion of Slowness
1 extended potion of Switfness
1 enchanted golden apple
1 pufferfish
1 Wither rose
1 extended potion of Weakness
1 extended potion of Strength
1 extended potion of Water Breathing
9 blocks of iron/diamond/gold/emerald
1 beacon
1 suspicious stew crafted with an Azure Bluet
1 extended potion of Night Vision
1 extended potion of Invisibility
1 dispenser
1 lever/button
1 spectral arrow
(All of the potions can be turned into splash potions, but turning them into lingering potions are not recommended.)
<Note: This has not been tested, and some areas require /pwarps or homes to reach easily>

Required places
an ocean monument with at least 1 elder guardian alive
an end city/end ship with at least 1 shulker alive
a contraption that consists of two sides, one side being the starting platform, and the other side containing a wither rose, and a dispenser filled with spectral arrows, with a button on it. A waterfall should exist between the two sides, with a dolphin and an activated conduit near/in it. (Dolphin platform)
1. Find a pillager outpost (probably more effficient then looking for illager patrols).
2. Kill a raid captain.
3. Trap another raid captain.
4. Walk into a village and trigger a raid.
5. Win the raid to get Hero of the Village.
6. Go back to the outpost, and kill the trapped raid captain to get Bad Omen.
7. Go to an ocean monument and wait for an Elder Guardian to curse you with Mining Fatigue.
8. Drink the extended potions to get Leaping, Slow Falling, Slowness, Speed, Weakness, Strength, Water Breathing, Night Vision and Invisibility.
9. Go to the end city, make a beacon and power it with Haste, and wait for the shulker to start firing at you. (You must hit the shulker first, unless you get too close, because shulkers can't see invisible players)
10. Before the bullet hits you, or after one hits you, eat the enchanted golden apple, the pufferfish and the suspicious stew to get Regeneration, Absorption, Resistance, Fire Resistance, Poison, Nausea, Hunger and Blindness.
11. Get hit by the/another bullet shortly after to get Levitation.
12. Go to the dolphin platform, and swim into the water to get Dolphin's Grace and Conduit Power (a waterfall is recommended because levitation makes you float above the water if the water is level with the ground)
13. Go to the opposite platform, stand in the wither rose to get Wither (don't move out of it!), and press the dispenser powering button to get Glowing.
Note. the last 3 steps must be done extremely swiftly, since Dolphin's Grace only lasts 5 seconds, and Blindness lasts for 8.

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