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Suh Dude
Hello, My name is JessIckUh, but you can just call me Jess. No, Jess is not short for Jesse, do not call me it. I'm 18 and I still can't drive, but that doesn't overlap the fact that I am a ebic gamer. I'm 4'10, legally a midget, and still qualified to steal your girl. I have a PHD in being cool. I'm like the coolest cool person. One of my bestfriends is Hailey, but you probably haven't heard of her. She mostly hides away in dark oak forests, making cottages. But enough about Hailey, this is my intro. 
  I have a dog named Bobo and he is a pug. I love him, he is my precious angel. He's not the smartest, but who is, besides me of course.

I love memes. Bushs baked beans are pretty cool, like me. If you spot me in game, I will most likely have a bean head on. It's gang. 

Anyway, If you're still reading, I love and accept you. Yeehaw.
UwU dark oak is a good block. Don’t hate me

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