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Please UnIP-Ban my alt - JessIckUh - 07-13-2020

In game username: JessHolland, StevenTheCowboy
Staff member who administered the ban: DoingItRight
Reason given for the ban: I was trying to blow up fish bowl with my friends and said some mean things to Giomunni. And then after the ban I got on with my alt and ban evaded.
Duration of the ban: 7 days for my main account and IP-Ban for my alt.

Q: What happened that resulted in your ban, what did you do?
A: My friends and I were trying to blow up fish bowl and I said some mean things whilst doing it. 

Q: Were other players involved in the situation that led up to your ban? If so, what are their usernames and how were they involved?
A: Deadshot, Chellliot, MaxHolland, HaileyIsHolland, ListenHereLook. We were trying to blow up fish bowl together.

Q: Were you given any warnings prior to your ban?
A: No

Q: If you were warned, did you try to argue with the staff member in question?
A: No

Q: Do you have any past infractions or punishments on our server?
A: No

Q: Why do you feel your ban should be appealed and/or the severity lessened?
A: I feel my alt should be perm banned instead of IP-banned so I can play on the server with my main account again. The ban of 7 days has already expired but I can’t get on because I have the same IP as my alt. 

RE: Please UnIP-Ban my alt - Giomunni - 07-16-2020

Ban evasion is part of the reason your alt was IP banned. The other is that upon logging onto your alt and rejoining the server after the temporary ban on your main account, you proceeded to evade the filter and flood the chat with a vulgar term up until the point your alternate account was banned. That behavior alone would merit a permanent ban for any player.

In consideration of your actions in that regard the ban will stand until the first of August in which case the IP ban will be lifted and you will be welcome to rejoin the server from your main account then.